Welcome to Our Treasure Trove!

Here you'll find a few of our favorite things. From templates to podcasts, we've uncovered some real treasure pieces that came highly recommended to us from The Assist community.
Have a recommendation for our list? Give us a shout at hello@jointheassist.com
Power of Habit - Learn the science behind habits and how to effectively build and/or change yours
Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity - Methods for stress-free performance
Everything is Figureoutable - Retrain your brain to think creatively and positively in the face of setbacks
The Founder & The Force Multiplier - Real life example of how EAs can be strategic partners
Culture & Team Building
Caroo - Connect & treat your team no matter where they are (while donating to Feeding America!)
Nectar - Easily manage employee recognition, rewards & swag (mention The Assist and get 18% off)
Outback Team Building - Virtual team building events your team will actually look forward to
CultureHQ - Be the first to get their new unique storytelling app to connect your team at work
Switchboard Games - Take the work out of your next virtual event (mention The Assist and get 7% off)
Laughter on Call - Connecting teams and relieving stress through shared laughter.
Base #StartLeading Summit - Free event for assistants on March 10, 2021
EA Ignite - ASAP Conference on November 2-4, 2021
Administrative Professionals Conference - ASAP Conference on September 19-22, 2021
Friends of The Assist
Whole Assistant - Annie Kroner focuses on well being and fighting burnout
The Officials - Lauren Bradley offers tons of resources to empower admins and assistants
The Collective - Nick Ginsburg cultivates a global community for admin professionals
The Executive Solution - Learn how to become your own boss & launch your own business
The Assistants Together - Henrietta Barker features Assistants who share their stories weekly
Diary of a Doer - Trivinia Barber interviews business owners, thought leaders & influencers weekly
REACH - A podcast for Executive Assistants
Software & Tools
Office Otter - Automatically turn your convos into tasks
Nifty - A visual work management platform for Assistants
Cogsworth - Like Calendly, but better in our opinion ;)
Meeting Agenda (with adjustable times) - Keep your meetings on time with this template
Meeting Agenda (blue sphere design) - A true blue template to keep participants on task
Board Meeting Agenda - Use this for your next board meeting to stay organized
Adjustable Calendar (make a copy) - Dates will adjust accordingly when you input the year 
How to Use OneNote - Melissa Peoples dives into using OneNote for meeting mgmt & minutes
Top 10 Tips for OneNote - Quick video on tips for OneNate
20 Microsoft Outlook Tips & Tricks - Tutorial on utilizing some of the best Outlook tricks
Microsoft Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts - Learn some of the best Outlook shortcuts in 6 minutes
Gmail Hacks - This <10 min video teaches you how to increase productivity with your Gmail flow
Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts - 9 Gmail shortcuts you should know