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10.05.21 The Assist #54

The Assist together with Confetti

Happy Q4 friends!

Today’s checklist:



No Degree? Land Your Dream Job Anyway 

Back in April, we talked about landing and preparing for interviews when you have no college degree. Let’s take it up a level. Let’s talk about finding and positioning yourself for the dream job. Light on education? Get knock ‘em out with your experience. Seek out a project or task that aligns with your dream job. Own it. Turn your experience into a job-landing narrative. Read more about this idea of establishing your Minimum Required Credibility (MRC). Search hashtags instead of job boards. (You might have to skim through a lot of info, but your patience could return a rare gem.)

Bookmark the niche site NoDegree and job boards with advanced education level filters, such as Job Case. Get a seal of approval (aka fancy certification.) According to the Society for Human Resource Management, 9 out of 10 companies will consider candidates without traditional 4-year degrees, especially when the candidates have recognized certifications.



A Platform That Gives You Virtual Event Planning Superpowers

Confetti is the world’s #1 event and experience platform that gives Executive Assistants and Office Managers the ability to streamline their event planning. What used to take days, multiple phone calls, and hundreds of emails is now accomplished in just a few clicks. Looking to plan a Virtual Holiday Party? They've got you covered!

Click here to book under 5 minutes, and be crowned the office hero 🦸.

They have hundreds of amazing experiences designed to put smiles on faces. From Virtual Escape Rooms to Hybrid Mixology Experiences, Confetti is a playground of ideas, with fresh experiences added on the daily.

Confetti makes events super easy to plan — all at an affordable price point for any organization. Read more about it or check out their short 2 minute video.

Signing up (for free!) won’t only help you become more productive, but you'll also be supporting The Assist. 😊



Communication Ground Rules for Every Workplace Structure

When evaluating their workplace communication ecosystems, many companies confuse having a strong internal communication platform with having a strong internal communication strategy. Slack and Microsoft Teams make it easier for people to communicate, but just having these tools doesn’t guarantee the optimal dissemination and digestion of top-down internal communication, announcements, and information. In other words: People can be connected on these platforms all day every day and still feel completely confused and out of the loop. Here are some internal communication ground rules for clearing things up: Evaluate Messages for Clarity In this post, Psychology Today shares Soul Pancake’s The Science of Love clip, which focuses on relationships, but nevertheless points out a fundamental human tendency to focus on our needs and neglect considering others’ needs. “We so often find ourselves on one side of the fence because we only know what we need out of a friendship. But we never even think about what the other person's needs are,” the host points out. Takeaway: Consider what your audience needs and wants along with what you need and want to communicate. Let Reach and Relevance Inform Your Strategy Make sure your messages are actually reaching the relevant people at the right times by taking these basic steps.

  • When you make communication decisions, consider:

  • What medium will reach the most employees?

  • What time would be best for most employees?

  • Use an accessibility checker, such as Outlook’s, before sending messages.

  • Consult with appropriate audiences before sending particularly sensitive messages.

Takeaway: People aren’t eagerly waiting for your messages. Put it in a little work to reach them. Consolidate and Streamline If you’re overwhelmed by trying to figure out which tools and channels to use for communication, then your audience is probably overwhelmed as well. Intranets, or tools that essentially achieve the same one-touch consolidation, will make everyone’s lives easier.

  • Banana Tag/Staff Base, an internal communication hub

  • Smarp, a platform that helps you deliver highly personalized communication

  • Poppulo, a platform for delivering personalized, relevant information to distributed teams

  • Vevox, a consolidated polling and Q&A platform to keep everyone in the loop

Takeaway: Keep people in the loop, not in an overwhelming loop.



A Special Deal Just For You

“When it comes to Holiday Gifting, I love spending countless hours researching 1000’s of gifts online, spending days wrangling employees for their mailing addresses, and managing all the shipments.” -No One Ever

Delight your team this Holiday season with one-of-a-kind Caroo gift boxes that everyone raves about!

What’s Caroo? Caroo is a new and easy way to share care with your team and even clients.

Caroo’s simple-to-use service saves you time and helps your recipients feel valued and connected with unique, expertly-curated gift experiences that are meaningful, memorable, and not so “corporate gifty.”

As a bonus for all our amazing readers, if you purchase any gifts in the month of October, you'll get custom branding for your gift items for free.

So, what are you waiting for? Beat the holiday rush and gifting stress by placing your order today.



Salvaging Morale During the Morale-Busting Great Resignation 

For better or for worse, the COVID-19 pandemic prompted many people to reflect, reprioritize, and rethink what they do and how they do it. All this reflection contributed to the Great Resignation, the upswing in career departures and shake ups breaking U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics records. So what do we do if we’re not the ones heading off to the greener pastures of dream jobs and more family time? How can we salvage and even boost morale when a default mindset would be, frankly, to feel down and left behind? 1) Don’t panic. First determine if you have a problem and also quantify it using this nifty formula from Who is Driving the Great Resignation, Harvard Business Review: Number of Separations per Year ÷ Average Total Number of Employees = Turnover Rate 2) Confront the issue. We can learn from and apply the underlying philosophy that helped Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal transform a post-Depression America into a prosperous one:

  • Experiment

  • Fail and learn

  • Listen as you lead

3) Boost your cultural resilience. Even the happiest companies can’t hold on to everyone. All companies can certainly bolster their ability to absorb departures while minimizing negative consequences. Reducing the risk of unwanted resignations: Four proactive strategies, Economist Education, recommends practicing 4 Ds (distribute, double-up, develop, and delight.) Read the full post for details on each one.



In case you missed it...

Office Otter converts your convos into tasks automatically so you won't miss a to-do ever again.

Goody "To me, from me". It's always a good idea to treat yourself. Create a free account, get $20, gift yourself chocolates, and keep being a boss. is a stunning free project management tool that can either supplement your workflow or become your sole solution to get things done.

Noom helps people change their long-term habits and achieve sustainable weight loss.



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