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09.21.21 The Assist #52

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Happy almost Fall! (AKA the best season ever — anyone else agree?). 

Today’s checklist:



Courting Courage 

Whether he made your eyes water or roll, the Cowardly Lion of Wizard of Oz fame reminds us that we all have inner stores of courage, however buried, hidden, or stifled they may be.

The key to tapping into this reserve sounds easy but is actually ridiculously hard. It’s doing stuff we fear, stuff we theoretically want to do but don’t actually want to do, like disagreeing with colleagues, leaving a secure job, and stepping out of our comfort zones.

The tips below will help you find courage to do the stuff you want and don’t want to do.

Call out your fear

According to sociologist Christine Carter, labeling fearful thoughts as nothing but fearful thoughts provides a healthy sense of distance. The fear goes from an all-controlling, all-powerful thing to an errant thought you can easily manage.

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Analyze the fear

Is there anything you can do to better prepare for or avoid the outcome you fear or is the situation mostly out of your hands? You might find it easier to face the fear if you listen to the helpful aspects of it and ignore the parts beyond your control.

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Visualize the pot of gold

What good things potentially await you if you go ahead and face your fears? Embodying the adage, “keep your eyes on the prize,” has helped many people find their courage.

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Make a strategy

The word “courage” might make you picture warriors running into a battle blindfolded, but real-life courage isn’t all about acting quickly and boldly. It’s about taking action against your fears, and if preparing helps you do that, then go for it.

“People who plan for how they’re going to react to different obstacles tend to be able to meet their goals more successfully; in other words, scary challenges don’t stop them,” says Carter, “especially when they formulate “If X, then Y” plans for each potential difficulty.”

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Read the full-length articles about finding courage from Washington Post and Harvard Business Review.



Gifting Has Never Been Easier With Goody!

goody gif

Over collecting addresses, trying to find the perfect gift, or your living room becoming a mailroom? Us too! Send the perfect gift with just an email or phone-number.

Goody is changing the gifting game. It makes sending thoughtful gifts & experiences to multiple recipients as easy as sending a text or email no mailing address required! Choose from their well curated catalogue of Instagramable brands for every occasion, add a cute card, upload a csv of all your recipients, and let the delight ensue. Goody keeps it simple so you can focus on the joy of gifting.

Even better than how much time this will save you? How impressed and special your recipients will feel. They'll have a branded digital unwrapping experience that allows them to either accept the original gift or swap it out for something else. They’ll select their favorite flavor, color, or size and enter their own shipping information. Goody even sends them reminders and updates on their gift status. Use Goody and you'll officially be the office hero (let's be real though, you already are).



Email Badassery Swipe List

  • Golden rule: Set aside time for emails. As Laura Mae Martin, executive productivity adviser for Google, told Fast Company, “One of the reasons people feel overwhelmed by email is because they don’t consider it a task and try to fit it in between other tasks.”

  • Set up multiple inboxes.

  • Have no mercy. Unsubscribe from junk immediately instead of wasting your time deleting messages every day.

  • Go ahead and hit “snooze.”

  • Commit to ruthless inbox decluttering.

  • Call or IM with questions instead of responding to email. (It probably takes the same amount of time and you might get a clear answer faster.)

  • Make a “reply by XX day” folder.

  • Set up an automated gatekeeper with Inbox Pause.

  • Each day, focus on only yesterday’s emails.



Rock This Look

Get the items in this look:

Want to submit your #OOTD and be featured in a future newsletter? Email us directly with photos of your look.



Learning Management Systems to Love 

Feel like you need a learning management system (LMS) just to sort through the myriad learning management system options?

We hear that.

According to ShareKnowledge, Inc., the LMS market could grow into a $20 billion enterprise before 2023. That means more providers are getting into the game every day, which means more options for you to sort.

Find your head start below.


A learning management system is a program that helps streamline group learning. The systems host interactive content and provide user-friendly access that empowers learners to take courses and watch training videos in their own time and at their own pace.

Think of the LMS as an efficient, high-tech alternative to managed webinars and group training sessions.

Best All Around: TalentLMS

Word on the street: “They managed to create an online learning platform that's immediately accessible but also has power and flexibility to spare.”

Best Targeted Training: Looop

Word on the street: “Looop is intuitive, easy to use from an administrator's perspective and has some amazing functionality which sets it apart from other providers. Mainly it's campaign feature which allows you to target specific employees with comms, learning, surveys and more across multiple channels.”

Best Open Source / Free: Moodle via Titus Learning

Word on the street: “I couldn’t recommend Titus Learning enough to anyone who is looking to launch an e-learning system. The content and platform that they have created [sic] looks great and very user friendly. The support and training package that they offer blows the competition out of the water!”



High-Caliber EAs Wanted

33Vincent is on the hunt for rockstar Executive Assistants to join their freelance community and support world-changing clients. They offer completely remote, flexible work and a thriving EA community of best practices and resources. They look for:

  • 5+ years experience in executive administrative support or client services: inbox and calendar management, file management, contact management, to-do list management, travel planning & logistics, catering management, etc.

  • Exemplary planning, time management skills & customer service instinct

  • Minimum of 10+ hours/week of availability

Learn more & apply here today!



Your Weekly Dose of Employee Engagement Ideas

Add these ideas to your list:



In case you missed it...

Noom helps people change their long-term habits and achieve sustainable weight loss.

Office Otter turns your convos into tasks automatically so you won't miss a to-do ever again. can either supplement your workflow or become your sole solution to get things done, for free.

You've probably noticed there's a TON of stuff to invest in — NFTs, sneakers, video games. So how do you keep up? Check out Alternative Assets. Each week, Stefan and Wyatt find interesting opportunities & analyze the heck out of them through their newsletter and podcast.



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