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09.28.21 The Assist #53

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Tomorrow marks our one year anniversary 🥳! Thank you so much for being such a valued part of The Assist community.

You taking the time to read our content every week, supporting us, and sharing your honest feedback each week, means the absolute world to us — we wouldn't be here without you 💕. 

Today’s checklist:



Your Mind on “Confidence” 

Musical superstars David Bowie, Beyoncé, and Adele have all, at one time or another, called on alter egos to invigorate their confidence. This practice isn’t just fun; it also taps into an expert-recommended strategy for improving confidence: cultivating a confident state of mind. According to, “Confidence is not something that can be learned like a set of rules; confidence is a state of mind. Positive thinking, practice, training, knowledge and talking to other people are all useful ways to help improve or boost your confidence levels.” Are we saying you can boost confidence just by thinking? Absolutely. This strategy is empowering, absolutely free, and it doesn’t even take up that much time. Use the tips below to start cultivating the state of mind we call “confidence.” Practice gratitude for your successes and your mistakes. If you remember nothing else, then remember this golden rule for confidence: Celebrate your victories; learn from your mistakes. Fill-in-the-blank affirmations:

  • I feel proud of [recent accomplishment] because [how it makes you feel].

  • I’m happy I [recent mistake/misstep] because [what it taught you].

Read more about the benefits of gratitude. Complete positive affirmations. Reciting affirmations makes it easy to cultivate a positive mindset because you don’t have to spend time wondering what to feel positive about. Using even a canned affirmation might instantly flip on your positivity switch. Read more about the science of affirmations.



Office Otter: the To Do list app made for Assistants

With Office Otter, you can convert your daily requests and messages automatically into tasks in one place to help you do your best work.

A text request from your Executive? Sent to Office Otter.

An email thread with supply requests? Got it.

Pings throughout the day from Slack? Sent!

Researching online and find something helpful? We’ve even got that.

Let Office Otter catch your messages in one central place and make you successful in tracking and managing it all.



Rhythm and Routine

When reflecting on their path to success, some of the galaxy’s most successful, god-like entities mention routine. Routine provides structure, predictability, and focus. It annihilates the counterproductive blight of indecision. It makes the question, “What should I do next?” a relic of your former, less directed, existence. Whether you’re looking to optimize a tired routine or launch a new one, you can get the inspiration you need from the routines of these successful people. Angela Merkel Notable accomplishments: Leading Germany through a “golden age” as its first female Chancellor. Her daily routine:

  • Wake up

  • Eat breakfast with husband

  • Cycle to work

  • Work (running Germany)

  • Afternoon exercise break

  • Additional work as needed

  • Go to bed

  • Sleep as little as 4 hours

Oprah Winfrey Notable accomplishments: Launching a successful production company, producing television shows and films, hosting one of the most popular television talk shows of all time, and making substantial philanthropic contributions to numerous causes. Her daily routine:

  • Wake up

  • Look out the window and appreciate nature

  • Brush teeth

  • Take dogs out

  • Enjoy some coffee

  • Meditate

  • Work out

  • Eat lunch in the garden

  • Work

  • Afternoon work out

  • Eat dinner

  • Take the dogs out again

  • Relax (usually reading by the fire with some tea)

  • Take warm bath

  • Go to bed

Herman Melville Notable accomplishments: Authoring Moby Dick, often lauded as the greatest American novel. His daily routine.

  • Wake up

  • Pay a morning visit to the horse and give him breakfast

  • Pay a morning visit to the cow and give her breakfast

  • Eat breakfast

  • Light fire in the office

  • Give manuscript one analytical scan

  • Write

  • Give horse and cow dinner

  • Ride to village with family

  • Skim some books

  • Go to bed

Feeling more daunted than inspired? Laugh it off with Melissa Villaseñor’s parody itineraries of Owen Wilson and Sonia Sotomayor.



Start Drinking Better Today with JuneShine

Drop hard seltzer and switch over to JuneShine's hard kombucha. It's low in sugar, gluten-free, and made with real, organic ingredients (with 6% ABV). Use code "ASSIST" for free shipping and 20% off your first purchase. Cheers.


Rock This Look

A classic work look with a pop of color. Get the items in this look:

Want to submit your #OOTD and be featured in a future newsletter? Email us directly with photos of your look.



The Life-Changing Magic of Managing Up

These quick-take “laws” are adapted from First Round Review’s Tactical Guide to Managing Up. Know what you’re managing up towards. In other words, find out what success looks like for your boss, and therefore for you. Remember that it’s not all about your priorities. “One of the essential parts of managing up is understanding what actually are your manager’s most urgent priorities, and then adjusting accordingly,” Matt Wallaert, former Chief Behavioral Officer at Clover Health, told First Round Review. Help them help you. You may think your priorities and goals are clear, but your boss is busy. Don’t make them do any guesswork. You’ll both be happier. Pay attention to their listening style and adjust your managing-up tactics accordingly. Present your ideas and suggestions gradually and strategically. After all, you wouldn’t plant a seed and expect a tree the next day, would you? Ralph Loura, SVP CIO of Lumentum and former CTO of Rodan + Fields told First Round Review, “Don’t save up a big topic until you feel you have all the answers — anything worthwhile takes time to build. An old manager of mine had a ‘rule of seven dippings,’ which essentially means that anything sufficiently complex or abstract takes multiple exposures (in his case, seven) in order for someone to internalize the concept.” For your listening/viewing pleasure:



In case you missed it...

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Noom helps people change their long-term habits and achieve sustainable weight loss.

The Advanced Certificate for the Executive Assistant (ACEA) training continues to get raving reviews.

See the next dates for both Online & Classroom Sessions:

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