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09.14.21 The Assist #51

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

The Assist together with Noom

Start your morning by repeating this to yourself out loud:

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Why You Should NEVER Ask for Help 

In her introduction to Reinforcements: How to Get People to Help You, Dr. Heidi Grant drops some “kind of” funny knowledge: Social neuroscience studies suggest that people process pain from interacting with others (especially being treated unfairly or being rejected) the same way they process physical pain. They also treat the possibility of rejection like pain, namely by doing everything they can to avoid it.

People are so afraid others will reject their requests for help that they find all kinds of ways to get out of doing it, including clinging to erroneous thoughts and beliefs like the ones we’ve outlined below.

"The real golden rule is trust no b****."

Dropping truth: That’s only the golden rule if you’re a control freak. According to Mayday! Asking for Help in Times of Need author M. Nora Bouchard, clinging to control leads many people to shun asking for help.

Tip: Just try letting go, even a little. It might make you happier.

"People hate it when others ask them for help."

Dropping truth: Lies. People hate asking for help. Bouchard says most people actually enjoy giving it.

Tip: Reflect on a time you helped someone and felt really good about it. Keep that experience in mind as you’re framing your ask.

"Asking for help will make me look stupid and/or weak."

Dropping truth: Just reflecting on your request or question long enough to consider how to pose it to others can provide valuable insight about your issue.

"People won’t understand what I want and I’ll have to do the thing myself anyways."

Dropping truth: If people don’t understand what you’re asking for, then maybe you don’t understand your problem. Discussing it with someone else could grant much-needed clarity.

Tip: Break your request down into many simple pieces. You might find you need to ask a bunch of different people for assistance instead of dropping everything on one person.

"Asking for help will make me seem bossy."

Dropping truth: It will do that only if you do it wrong.

Tip: Bouchard recommends turning your request into a conversation where you and your friend come up with solutions together, which helps make the exchange rewarding and respectful.

"There’s never an appropriate time to ask for help."

Dropping truth: You have to make the time.

Tip: Bouchard recommends carving out time for your team to discuss problems and support one another. This breaks down the perceived hierarchy between the helper helping and the person in need. In this scenario, everyone plays both roles.

"I can avoid rejection by making people feel obligated to help me."

Dropping truth: Imposing on people will make them less willing to help you.

Grant explains that the goodness associated with helping fades when people feel obligated, controlled, or manipulated.



A Diet Plan That Actually Works for You

Combining the power of artificial intelligence, mobile tech, and psychology with the empathy of over 1,000 personal coaches, Noom helps people to change their long-term habits and achieve sustainable weight loss.

Plus, you can get started for free for a couple weeks to see if you even like it before committing.

Try Noom for life-changing results!



Social Media Tools of the Trade

Hey Orca

What social media superpower it provides: Superhuman collaboration

Manage asset development and client and stakeholder approvals in one interface.


What social media superpower it provides: Control over time

Calendar and scheduling features will make you feel like you are the absolute boss of time.

Content Studio

What social media superpower it provides: Super speed

Make it faster and easier to create social media content.

Zoho Social

What social media superpower it provides: Omnipotence

Manage all your channels and posts from one streamlined POV


What social media superpower it provides: Creation

Access tools and templates to create eye-catching content

Here are some tools for learning all the social media things:

Simplilearn: How to Do Social Media Marketing

What social media superpower it provides: Knowledge absorption

Go from “newb” to “knowledgeable” ridiculously fast

Buffer Newsletter

What social media superpower it provides: Clairvoyance

Learn about changing trends before they even happen

WeRSM (We are Social Media)

What social media superpower it provides: Uncanny intuition

Hear about developments and strategically anticipate shifts

@PegFitzpatrick on Twitter

What social media superpower it provides: Mind reading

Get inside the minds of social media experts



Rock This Look

Get the items in this look:

Want to submit your #OOTD and be featured in a future newsletter? Email us directly with photos of your look. Pssst...Want the scoop on our latest obsession?

Meet Meltdownthe clean spot treatment beauty editors and skin care lovers can't stop talking about. The one that solves all your pimple problems and sold out 5x at Sephora.

Best part? Until Sunday 9/19, you can use code THEASSIST and try it for 10% off.



Communicate with Everyone

Journalists use the AP style guide for news stories. Fiction and non-fiction writers use the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) to edit their pieces. Legal eagles use the Bluebook for their professional correspondence. And now, inclusive communicators use the Responsible Communication Style Guide as their go-to reference on race, gender, sexuality, well-being, and religion. Why responsible communication matters Knowing your audience is a universal best practice for practically all communication. That doesn’t mean just knowing who they are. It also means knowing what will resonate with them and also what might totally turn them off. Here are just a few examples of the awkwardness that can result when communicators have no idea what makes their audience tick:

  • A Mother’s Day message that offended mothers everywhere

  • A liquor brand’s attempt to appeal to women that disgusted them instead

  • A diaper advertisement that tried to target dads by stereotyping them

  • A beauty brand’s attempt to promote diversity with an image that represented the opposite for many

Do not be like these examples! Use the Responsible Communication Style Guide to create authentic and inclusive messages.



High-Caliber EAs Wanted

33Vincent is on the hunt for rockstar Executive Assistants to join their freelance community and support world-changing clients. They offer completely remote, flexible work and a thriving EA community of best practices and resources. They look for:

  • 5+ years experience in executive administrative support or client services: inbox and calendar management, file management, contact management, to-do list management, travel planning & logistics, catering management, etc.

  • Exemplary planning, time management skills & customer service instinct

  • Minimum of 10+ hours/week of availability

Learn more & apply here today!



National Hispanic American Heritage Month

National Hispanic American Heritage Month is from September 15 through October 15.

Check out 8 Great Ideas for Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month in the workplace from our friends at Bonusly to find some awesome ideas for commemorating and celebrating the heritage and legacy of people from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America. (We especially love Bonusly’s recommendation to read together and also their stacked list of fiction and nonfiction titles.)



In case you missed it...

Office Otter turns your convos into tasks automatically so you won't miss a to-do ever again. can either supplement your workflow or become your sole solution to get things done, for free.

Goody "To me, from me". It's always a good idea to treat yourself. Create a free account, get $20, gift yourself chocolates, and keep being a boss.

Morning Brew is a free daily email that delivers the latest news from Wall Street to Silicon Valley.



Latest Listings

Pitch this for your next team building event:

  • Escape Quest - if an escape room and scavenger hunt had a baby

  • Vision Board Workshop - two-part workshop that turns your vision into a piece of art

  • Charades - act out with your team, but in a good way

  • Candle Making Class - "light 'em up, up, up..." (pretty sure Fall Out Boy didn't think they'd be used in this context)

  • Blackjack - a game your team can bet on for a good time

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