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Archive (aka No FOMO)

Check out predictions on the future of EA work, curb your anxiety, learn some handy Google Drive tricks, and get a hot Tuesday Tip.
Keep track of all the things, learn some handy Outlook tricks, and master the delicate dance of your holiday inbox. 
Learn something new, automate the “tedious” out of your life, and gracefully decline holiday gatherings. 
Give back this holiday season, organize and report on EVERYTHING, and find out how Trello and Asana differ.
Talk yourself up during a global pandemic, nail those giant end-of-year meetings, and pick up some Google Sheets pro-tips.
Navigate the unwritten rules of sharing your opinion, make a picture-perfect org chart, and meditate your way out of stress. 
Make time management magic, meet your new favorite software platform, and unravel the nuances of group food ordering. 
Boost your confidence, virtually celebrate life’s big and small victories, and deal with your workplace nemesis.
Think more strategically without taking a class, host the best-ever virtual strategy session, and have a few Election-Day laughs. 
Take charge of your future, tour a virtual office, and nail down your Halloween plans. 
Start a mental fitness routine, own company gifting this holiday season, and give people safe spaces to say what they need to say. 
Everything you need to change your attitude and your approach to some of 2020’s pressing challenges, including anxiety, holiday party plans, and confusing virtual meeting tools. 
Finding your purpose, demystifying meeting minutes, nailing your KPI/OKRs, and honoring RBG’s legacy.
Taming your boss' killer inbox, how to get that raise you totally deserve, and safely reopening an office in the middle of a pandemic.
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